The Shanghai E.A. Paris 2013 Open Photo Contest has come to an end! France and Belgium on the podium

The Shanghai E.A. Paris 2013 Open Photo Contest has come to an end! France and Belgium on the pódium

The contest, which began on January 3rd, for the most popular photo of Shanghai E.A. from the recent World Championships in Paris, has officially come to an end at midnight on January 22nd. Contest entries came from photographers from all over the world. The organizers accepted entries up to December 15th. The Spanish stud of Equus Arabians (breeder and owner of the double World Silver Medalist stallion from Paris) chose 25 photographs which competed in the finals for first place. Registered fans and their votes determined the classification of the photos. Every voter could vote once each day, awarding their favorite photographs from 1 up to 5 points. The battle for the top spot (the Gold Photo) turned out to be extremely fierce and very thrilling, lasting all the way up to the final minutes of the contest.


Right before midnight the lead was once again taken by photo number 102, which maintained its advantage over photo number 113, winning by just 304 points! The overall number of points awarded to the victorious photo was 34,365. The photo was taken by Cécile Marleix (Thala Photographie) from France. The second place (the Silver Photo) belongs to Marion Tubiana, also from France. This photograph acquired 34,061 points. Third (the Bronze Phtoto) we find photo number 103 (15,062 points) by Zacarya Aznag from Belgium.


The popularity of the contest grew with each day, reaching a climax the last day, when more than a thousand people joined the circle of voters! This happened due to an extreme involvement of two groups of fans (of Cécile Marleix in collaboration with Titanium Arabians, and Marion Tubiana), with both of them wanting to grab the victory. It should be mentioned that after the contest closed the rivals congratulated one another on the results, which were a result of hard work.

Below are the contest’s detailed statistics:

– 6,658 people took part in the voting;

– 25,142 votes were placed, which awarded a total of 123,615 points;

– the most people (4,562) voted on January 22nd, on the contest’s final day;

– the maximum amount of points awarded during one day (January 22nd) was 22,487;

– the amount of votes placed during each day of the contest:

2014-01-22         4562
2014-01-21         2740
2014-01-20         2313
2014-01-18         1715
2014-01-19         1473
2014-01-17         1401
2014-01-15         1131
2014-01-16         1115
2014-01-14         931
2014-01-10         777
2014-01-13         776
2014-01-08         774
2014-01-11         745
2014-01-12         739
2014-01-04         737
2014-01-06         693
2014-01-03         646
2014-01-09         641
2014-01-05         629
2014-01-07         604

– the most frequent number of points awarded by voters:

5 points – 24336 votes

1 point – 305 votes

4 points – 244 votes

3 points – 140 votes

2 points – 117 votes

The contest was organized by Equus Arabians stud (Spain) together with the portal. The voting application was created especially for the needs of this contest. The contest was constantly monitored by a team of webmasters, making sure that the rules of the contest were respected.

The contest’s results and all the photographs can be seen here:

or on the Facebook page of